If you are interested in writing for children, I strongly recommend joining the Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators. The organization provides valuable learning opportunities through both their national and regional conferences as well as a wealth of information through their publications. The camaraderie and peer support is priceless as well.

If you are unsure about how to get started writing a story or novel for children, I recommend taking some courses through The Institute of Children’s Literature.

Websites related to Riddle in the Mountain:

Dogtooth Books:  Riddle in the Mountain's publisher, an imprint of Nomad Press, produces notable and unusual books for middle-grade readers.

Nomad Press:  The parent company of Dogtooth Books publishes award-winning books about traditional and ethnic textile crafts, especially knitting and spinning.

Frank Riccio:  Frank Riccio is the award winning artist who illustrated Riddle in the Mountain.

Keltic Designs by Jen Delyth:  Jen Delyth is a Welsh artist who incorporates the mystique and grace of her Celtic heritage into her work. Her Tree of Life pendant, available on her website, was the inspiration for the Penhallow Pendant.

The Studio of Sam Thiewes, Western Impressionist:  Sam Thiewes is a fine portrait and landscape artist whose work captures the beauty of the western landscape that is home to Riddle in the Mountain. He is the creator of the tommyknocker found on my website and brochures.

The Cornish-American Heritage Society:  The Cornish-American Heritage Society is an organization whose mission is to promote and preserve the Heritage of Cornish settlers.

Other organizations and/or websites I recommend:

Women Writing the West:  A non-profit association of writers and other professionals writing and promoting the Women’s West.

Colorado Author’s League:  A Colorado organization of independent, professional writers.

Mythic Imagination Institute:  The Mythic Imagination Institute creates experiences that explore --- through art, hands-on activity and inter-disciplinary conversation---the mystery and metaphor inherent in myth and story.

Greenfire Creative:  A company that helps people, agencies and organizations tell their stories.

The Reading Tub:  A not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting reading and literacy. The site provides a listing of books read, reviewed, and recommended by a small group of parents who believe in the power of sharing a book with a child.

Wands and Worlds:  A site featuring fantasy and science fiction books for children and teens. Reviews are offered by Sheila Somerlock Ruth and David Ruth, a mother and son team.

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